September 23, 2011


Lately I've been thinking a lot about my job and the experiences I've had and I'm thinking about writing a book about it. There are a lot of people that have had experiences in retail and customer service that are truly memorable or things that employees want to say but can't. I think it can be a good read and hopefully I get people to help out which shouldn't be a problem.

September 6, 2011

Wake me up when September Ends

Busy. That's the word that describes my life at the moment. I feel like my summer was overrun and filled with stuff I didn't want to do. Work has begun to swallow my life because I can't say "No" without feeling guilty. There's a whopping staff of 3 and the past week and a half my assistant manager has been out on a bruised toe injury that she did at work (which could have been prevented VERY easily). So I had to pick up her hours while we borrowed a few girls from another store plus work in my new position as the MSR (Maternity Sales Representative) at our leased location in Macy's. My husband had last week off and I barely saw him! Then this week my boss went on vacation which in my opinion wasn't the best move with an injured employee and one part-timer. So our store is left to the borrowed help who only give 50% because it's not their store. I'll be glad when things go back to normal and I'm not so stressful.
I'm also making a big step and becoming a Big Sister for the organization Big Brothers Big Sisters. I feel that will help with this calling to help children. It's something that has always been in my heart to do. Since I was 12 I knew I wanted to adopt a child when I was older and I even thought about going into social work but decided to go a more creative route. I just know that I can made a difference in a child's life and this is a great stepping stone for me. I had my interview last Thursday and was told in a couple weeks I will be able to choose my Little. I'm really excited about that and I look forward to this new experience.
I also decided to enroll in Layman's Bible School at my church. That starts next Monday and it's the next step in growing my relationship with God. Many people that I've told about it are asking me if I wan to become a minster and honestly I have no idea! Haha! Maybe this means that I may one day be a youth minster. I can only start the journey and let my path unfold before me only God knows what may come next and I'm just along for the ride.

August 18, 2011

New Directions

So I have been doing a lot of prayer and spending time with God. I'm really trying to see what I should be doing with my life. It has been on my heart to work with children so I've decided to be a Big Sister and be a voluenteer and get my foot in the door to do what's in my heart to do. I'm looking forward to it. I'm trying to take the right steps and hopefully they will lead to bigger changes in my life that I hope will be for the better.

August 9, 2011

A poem I wrote at work

I wrote this while I was at my retail job at the mall. I had no customers for 3 hours and I had a realization about my summer...that I hadn't had a lot of chances to enjoy it with my husband or friends and it got me to thinking about my summers as a teenager where they were truly care-free. So this is what I came up with.

Summer Young

I remember a time,
when summers were for adventures,
imagination and best friends,
ice cream and fast food,
bike rides and barbeques.
When the beach and amusement parks were a must do,
and nothing was better than having fun and enjoying youth.
Now summer is just another season,
working and cleaning,
bills and money,
late nights and sleepy eyes.
Memories of summer young,
when fun was an necessity,
instead of out of reach.
Being older is overrated.
Doing something “just to get by”
sucking away creativity and life,
until the day you can break free and truly be happy.

July 28, 2011


I wrote this the other night after a stressful day at work.

Don't let that dream go,
Don't let misery and despair overflow,
You have to let it show,
That you're more than they will ever know,
Let your dreams grow,
Because one day you will reap what you've sown,
All that you've done,
Your dreams will be known

L. Moore 2011

It was somewhat a motivational thing for me because I know that I am destined to do more than what I'm doing right now. I have dreams that can and will be reality for me one day. I just had to be diligent and work hard to get there.

A Poem for My Sister

This poem is dedicated to my baby sister Lorean. She's going through a rough time yesterday and it was on my heart to write this for her.

My sister and I
Baby Bear

I may not be a mother but I am your mother,
You may not have come from my womb but from as far back as I can remember I helped take care of you,
The diapers, feedings, keeping you safe,
I feel as if you’re mine,
I’m protective because I know,
I’ve been there,
done it,
I understand how you feel even if you don’t,
I know where the roads go,
So as a momma bear with her cubs I try to steer,
Help you make the right choices and bypass my mistakes,
I’m here for you,
Never be in fear that you are alone,
That no one loves you or cares,
Because I will always be there,
To hear your pain, love, joy, hate,
I will be there when you fall to help you back up,
I love you baby bear,
my sister.

June 28, 2011


Ok so I know my post have been real downers (for anyone who reads this stuff) but I'm not having a great day...AGAIN! I'm starting to think that there's is a plan for me and I need to figure that out. i know I'm not meant to work in retail for the rest of my life. Why would I not try to put my degrees to good use after all the debt I've occurred from them. But I have on problem that I'm sure many recent graduates are finding also...everyone wants someone with EXPERIENCE! How can I gain any experience if all the jobs available want experience. It's a never ending circle that just leaves me confused and frustrated. Sure my job gets my bills paid and food in my fridge (barely) but how in the world do they expect people to get anywhere when we are running in circles and forced to live paycheck to paycheck. It just frustrating. Then I have this part-time job that is riding me about numbers when I can only try so much before I hit a wall. It's making me very stressed out. All I want is to do what I love and be happy doing it but there's no opportunity for me to do that. I just wish I had the right answers and knew what to do...

June 27, 2011

Ever this it?

Today i woke up and I didn't feel right. I just wasn't in the mood for anything today...then I got an Unknown phone call from a bill collector and it made my day 10 times worse. I got accused of lying, making excuses, etc when I never got a statement from the start and they refused to send another so end result was me pissed and them with a set payment date..bill collectors 1 me 0. It just got me really upset and I broke down in tears because I was so frustrated and upset. I don't like things to go to collections and I've been working my butt off to get my debt under control but as the saying goes one step forward and two steps back. It really got me thinking about my life and the mistakes that I've made, especially the big ones and I wished there was a reset button so I could start over and begin anew knowing what I know now. But unfortunately I can't and I have to live with my poor choices.
Going to work was the last hing I wanted to do but I did it but it was tough but I made it through. While working a thought occurred to me...I've let my spirit get weak and the Devil got in and stole my joy. I'm not enjoying my life or the people in it as I should. When I'm not working I'm not  doing anything which sucks when I think about it. I need to work on my relationship with God and do things that make me happy so that I can enjoy life which can end at anytime. I just don't know where to start...who should I talk to? What should I do? How can I stick to it?

These are some things I have to meditate on and work out.

I just hope there will be more to my life than this. Working, sleeping, working and doing it all unhappily. I just think I should be doing more.

April 27, 2011


Tears on the brink,
Waiting to trickle down the warm, round cheek,
Closed eyes,
Flooded with salty liquid,
Fighting rumbling sounds,
Trying to escape sealed lips,
That quiver and temble,
Muscles contract and release as waves of emotion beat tiny white leveys,
Lungs scream for air,
Then there's a sweet release,
that gives way to a shreik,
A scream,
A release of pain,
Of stress,
Of heartache,
And the tears fall,
Covering the warm flesh,
They keep coming,
Until there's none,
And then...
There's peace.
Deep breaths of peace.

March 27, 2011

Busy, busy bee

Us and our wedding party :)
So I haven't blogged in a while but I need to get myself caught up! Well I have been married for almost two months now and well, I haven't had time to enjoy it! We've both been busy with work and school. Not to mention my internship but all is well we enjoy the time we do get together which is nice. I love my husband! The wedding went good but it wasn't without fault. The night before the wedding there were 4 cars broken into, 3 belonging to my wedding party and a guest but THANK GOD nothing was stolen which would have been an issue because we had packed the cars for the big day. So we were all up at 4 AM! The wedding went by so FAST and i was blessed that I not one photographer but TWO! and they did a short video for me! We still have to get the CD back with all of our images but I'm very happy with how they turned out. We still haven't had or planned a honeymoon but it will happen eventually...maybe for our one year anniversary. Anyway enough wedding!
              The semester is dragging along and I can't wait to be DONE! This semester is truly making me regret going back to school for another degree but everyone thinks it's makes me so much more marketable but we shall see. I have four classes and I'm only mildly enjoying one and that's advanced editing otherwise I'm not able to keep up with the rest. My brain and scheduling isn't mixing well right now and it's causing me unwanted or needed stress. My photo class is making me feel very inadequate to say the least and my Investigative journalism class (or computer assisted reporting) is a major pain in my @$$. I wish I could have nixed it but I couldn't if I wanted to graduate. I've spent the last two weekends doing nothing but homework which sucks because I already work on weekends. But I only have about 4 weeks left anyway so it's fine...I will deal and make it work.
              On the up-side I got a second job for the summer at motherhood which is a maternity clothing store. I really clicked with the store manager during the interview and very excited about working there. Also we're MOVING! We found a great, spacious two bedroom apartment that's right behind the mall I work in! So we are super excited! We got April month rent for free so we can start moving once the lease is signed next week! Yay!

So there's an update of my life as of now and I hope to be blogging more regularly after school is done...until next time!

January 12, 2011

Another day, another dollar...

So my break wasn't really a break. I worked for a week straight after our 4 1/2 day mini vacation to Flint and Detroit. I had my bridal shower last weekend and it could have had a better turn out but hey it is what it is. with the wedding only 30 days away I'm getting a lot of questions about if everything is ready...I WISH! We still need to get all of our RSVP's our hotel reservations done, set up the rehersal dinner and get table linens and photography paid for. I wish I had everything done and all I had to do was just show up and work on my last semester of classes.
Oh yeah this is my LAST semester! EVER! I have my internship at Revue magazine which has been going well, full-time classes and still working at Vanity...and lets not forget I'm getting married! So my plate is pretty full right now. But  honestly I'm ready for this wedding to be over so that I can focus on my business and school and help out more financially here at home. Yeah my fiance doesn't mind but I do so there needs to be a change. I never want too plan a wedding on my own again! I see plenty of brides that turn to wedding planning after their wedding but not me! UGH! I'm counting down to our 5 year anniversary so we can renew our vows on a beach in Jamaica! :P
Enough about weddings....blah! I'm almost done with my Journalism degree...YAY! I hope that this will increase my chances of obtaining a job when all is said in done. But really it's up to God what comes my way and what I listen to when He tells me what to do. I'm making 2011 a new year for me all over and I'm changing a lot: no more drinking (if I can help it!), eating more at home (and healthier!), trying to be more fit and not letting things stress me out or stop me from doing what I want. There are a lot of things I leave unsaid and I want to change that because right now I'm not feeling the satisfaction that I should be and that's not a good feeling. But I can't change the past only the future and that's exactly what I intend to do!

I wrote a poem about marriage and's kinda long so I may put it in another post tomorrow. It's been a LONG day and I have another one tomorrow so I should be heading to bed. I just noticed I hadn't blogged in a while and I think it may be more important for me to do so this semester because I don't know when I will have time to go to counseling!

Until next time...