July 23, 2010

Week three in England!

So here's my recap of my third week in England:
Last weekend we got to go to two of the nightclubs here in Kingston. On Friday we went to Ama-gi (which we were mispronouncing until a nice Englishman corrected us!)Which had glow sticks and uv lights. It was a blast and we got to take a free shot out the ice luge! lol! The music was great but near the end some English guys got to frisky with a few of the girls and we left :(. On Saturday we went to Hippodrome in Kingston. This is the first time I stayed at a club from open to close! It was so much fun! The first 100 people were free so me and the girls got there early. It has 3 different rooms playing different music but we stayed in the main room since that's where they played more American music. I got to see some Englihmen who could really dance and who saved me from a creeper! It was so fun! We spent Sunday doing homework and feeding the Queen's Swans :)
On Monday I went to Stonehenge and the city of Bath. It was an amazing experience! Stonehenge is pretty cool but we were there for an hour which was more than enough time. But I did get some tasty ice cream while we were there at 10am! The city of Bath is were one of the world natural springs exist. It was cool to learn about how they were discovered and how the Romans knew how to use them and show the town. They still use the water but in a more sterile environment. The Roman baths haven't been used for years and the water is green and untreated.
Wednesday was a LONG day but I'm happy about it. We went to Parliament but we couldn't take pics inside. Our tour guide was a blast and kept us entertain. We got to see the House of Lords and he told us how they work which is crazy! He also told us some crazy trivia about the paintings and parts of the building. We also went to Greenwich which is the center of the world! So we got to see the Queens House (Queen Anne I believe) and got to go to the Prime Meridian and stand in both the East and West at once! Then we ended our day at the Globe theater 9created by Shakespeare) and go to see the comedy of Errors which was hilarious! It didn't even matter that we had to stand for a few hours especially since we were on the stage :P

Thursday my creative writing class went to Highgate Cemetery were a few famous authors and philosophers were buried. it was interesting to see such old graves. I had an encounter with a very rude Englishwoman but it's okay. That night we went out to one of our local pubs and hung out since majority of people left for Paris this weekend...I wish I could have went but it's ok I will some day with my hubby :)
This weekend is the last one here in England so me and a couple friends plan on making the best of it...and I'll get the last bit of homework done! :P
Next time my fourth and final week in England and final thoughts stay tuned...

July 15, 2010

Second week in the UK

So this weekend the university is doing maintenance so I'll be without internet so I decided to post now about my second week.

Well so far so good. Although my legs feel as if they're going to fall off! I'm not use to so much walking on top of field trips and buildings with so many stairs!Tuesday my class was canceled so I got to finish my book "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" (I got to see Eclipse over the past weekend!)Wednesday I got to go t Oxford and see the famous Oxford University! It's actually compiled of 38 different colleges and they don't have class but personal tutors and the student is left to their studies.
Oxford is also a major part of the Harry Potter film set. The Christ Church college is where they film the great dining hall scenes! They also use one of the libraries for the library at Hogwarts and the same building is used as the nurse's ward in the film.
Oxford also is the birthplace of Alice in Wonderland. :) Lewis Carroll aka Charles Dodgson wrote the story about the dean's daughter and many of the elements of the book are based on her family and the university. Which I thought was really cool.
The bus ride back was horrible. It took 3 hours because of traffic and a girl peed in a bag because "it was an emergency" disgusting!
Today my creative writing class gave me the chance to visit Soho which is full of people and shopping. I got to see a Sally Man exhibit in which I was to inspired to write. It kinda happened. :P
This week was kinda chill for me but I have met some great friends and it will be sad when we have to say goodbye in just two mere weeks. Tomorrow we're going out to this nightclub in Kingston called Ama-gi, they have glow paint and glow sticks and it seems pretty cool. It will probably be one of the last times we get everyone together for a night out!
Until week 3,

July 12, 2010

Creative Writing

So this weekend while many of my new friends were in Scotland I was doing homework. Well for my creative writing class we had to do a poem and a short story. I'll wait to post the story but here are the poems I wrote using some writing cues she gave in class. The first one I had to write a 10 line poem where each line is a lie, the second each line had to begin "I used to___, but now___" and the third had to begin "This isn't a poem but..." So here they are enjoy! I know I am!

Liar, liar pants on fire

1. When I was six I ate three goldfish.
2. My father invented M&M’s.
3. My sister had a tail removed at birth.
4. I lived in Nova Scotia.
5. My favorite food is marshmallows with anchovies.
6. I’ve never been in love.
7. One day I cried over lost play dough.
8. I never met a person I didn’t like.
9. I was attacked by pigeons.
10. I hate writing and love math.

When I use to…

I used to cry, but now I laugh.
I used to run, but now I walk.
I used to crawl, but now I stand.
I used to think, but now I dream.

Not a poem

This isn’t a poem, but a story
of a girl not afraid to live,
to love,
to learn,
to dream,
to experience.

July 11, 2010

Week one in England

So it's been crazy since I got here! I've been busy everyday! Classes, field trips and pubs. Last weekend I went out to Windsor Castle with some new friends which is cool because that's one of the places the royal family lives. It's crazy that I got to stand in the same place as the Queen of England! Wow! It was amazing to see and very beautiful.
I also go to go to Hampton Court Palace where Henry VIII lived along with the Tudors (which I still don't understand what that is) it was very cool to see where he lived with his six wives including Anne Boleyn mother of Elizabeth I. It was another large estate and had pretty amazing chimneys!
This country is full of history and it's crazy! I also feel like it was made for a shorty like me because everything is smaller here: the houses, streets, cars!
My classes are going ok also. My creative writing class is living up to it's name and our professor, Anna is making sure we have plenty of pieces when we go home. My brit culture class is fun because we go on a lot of trips and he tries to make it enjoyable. Going to Oxford this Wednesday!
I'm becoming more comfortable with the transportation system: the trains, the Tube and buses which is nice. I'll definitely miss that when I go back to the US!
We've also gotten lucky with the weather. NO RAIN! It's been really hot since we've been here which is okay because I didn't pack to well for rain!
ANOTHER THING: I don't think I've walked more in my life than here in England! That's all we do! I'm hoping to be in great shape by the time I return!
So so far so good. New friends, new experiences, oh and I am getting over a cold or Whooping cough I have no idea!

July 3, 2010

First day of classes

So yesterday was my first day of classes at Kingston. I think I'm going to like them especially since I'll be out of the classroom 90% of the time! I'm taking Brit culture & society and creative writing (which I have homework for!) I am excited to see what the future holds! My first trip is to Hampton Court Palace on Monday!

July 1, 2010

First day in the UK!

So yesterday was my first day at Kingston. I was feeling as if it was still a dream in my head; I couldn't believe I was in another country! Everyone was really nice, we got our room assignments and I met my roommates: John from New Jersey, Kristen from Michigan(she goes to my school at home too!), and Robbie from North Carolina. We have another roommate but she doesn't get here until later today, her name is Courtney. We had lunch and came back to unpack and organize our rooms. Each of us have our own bathroom and bedroom we just share a kitchen. We got to go on a non-formal tour of the town where we got to pick up groceries which was cool. I spent too much I'm sure! I'm excited to start classes tomorrow! Today is our official orientation so I'm off to do that!