March 27, 2011

Busy, busy bee

Us and our wedding party :)
So I haven't blogged in a while but I need to get myself caught up! Well I have been married for almost two months now and well, I haven't had time to enjoy it! We've both been busy with work and school. Not to mention my internship but all is well we enjoy the time we do get together which is nice. I love my husband! The wedding went good but it wasn't without fault. The night before the wedding there were 4 cars broken into, 3 belonging to my wedding party and a guest but THANK GOD nothing was stolen which would have been an issue because we had packed the cars for the big day. So we were all up at 4 AM! The wedding went by so FAST and i was blessed that I not one photographer but TWO! and they did a short video for me! We still have to get the CD back with all of our images but I'm very happy with how they turned out. We still haven't had or planned a honeymoon but it will happen eventually...maybe for our one year anniversary. Anyway enough wedding!
              The semester is dragging along and I can't wait to be DONE! This semester is truly making me regret going back to school for another degree but everyone thinks it's makes me so much more marketable but we shall see. I have four classes and I'm only mildly enjoying one and that's advanced editing otherwise I'm not able to keep up with the rest. My brain and scheduling isn't mixing well right now and it's causing me unwanted or needed stress. My photo class is making me feel very inadequate to say the least and my Investigative journalism class (or computer assisted reporting) is a major pain in my @$$. I wish I could have nixed it but I couldn't if I wanted to graduate. I've spent the last two weekends doing nothing but homework which sucks because I already work on weekends. But I only have about 4 weeks left anyway so it's fine...I will deal and make it work.
              On the up-side I got a second job for the summer at motherhood which is a maternity clothing store. I really clicked with the store manager during the interview and very excited about working there. Also we're MOVING! We found a great, spacious two bedroom apartment that's right behind the mall I work in! So we are super excited! We got April month rent for free so we can start moving once the lease is signed next week! Yay!

So there's an update of my life as of now and I hope to be blogging more regularly after school is done...until next time!