August 14, 2010

England: The Hangover

So I thought a follow-up on life back at home since I left the UK. Well it's been two weeks and it been an experience to get myself back together!
It took a week just to get my mind back on track. I was in a haze. Everything was foggy and jumbled and I couldn't get my thoughts together, forgetting things and still suffering from jet lag I suppose. That was another thing I had to readjust to...5 hour time change! I was tired all the time and took a lot of naps.
By week 2 I had gotten back into my daily routine work, work, work! Lol! I also got back on track on planning my wedding which is only 6 months away! I have been asked a hundred times how my trip was and I've narrowed it down to "It was interesting." Which it was but I only go into detail to those who truly want to know about my trip. There's A LOT to talk about!
I also wanted to tell you my TOP 5 THINGS ABOUT ENGLAND:
5. Public Transportation- Even though sometimes it was crowded the public trans was fun and a great addition to the trip. We got to travel all over using trains, buses, and the Underground with our travelcards.
4. Pubs- I really wnjoyed going to the local pubs with my friends and having good times!
3. Flats- I loved having a community of people who were so close and tight that it made being away from home easier than I expected! I made some life long friends :)
2. 1/2 off dinners at the Black Lion- Every Monday I got to go to the Black Lion for 1/2 off steak dinner which was AMAZING! Service wasn't always great but the food never failed me!
1. CIDER!!!- I hadn't been drinking for a while but I have been introduced to cider, beer made from apples instead of wheat, and it is sooo GOOD! Much better than regular beer! I drank it almost everyday! LOL! But seriously I was over excited when I found it here in Michigan! Lol!

Well I needed to write and I thought this would be a great subject :) Until next time!


August 2, 2010

My Final week in the U.K. and Final thoughts

First I have to recognize how blessed I am that this trip was even possible for me. I have an amazing experience with amazing people who have become amazing friends. My final week in London I went to Freud's house with my Creative Writing class, a Sikh Temple with my Brit culture class, and photographed London at night.

Freud's House was interesting. I got to see his study and watch some of his home movies. The coolest part was this 15-year-old dog named Bobby who lived there. He was a sweet old dog.

The Sikh Temple was an experience. It was an intersting place and the religion was different. We had to wear scarves on our heads and wash our hands before entering. We had pudding which was made with water, sugar, oatmeal and fire. :) I wouldn't convert but it was nice to expersience something new and eat some tasty Indian food!
I went to the club on Wednesday which wasn't as fun as I hoped but oh well I went with friends.

On Thursday was our Farewell Dinner and we got to see everyone dressed to impress. It was a unique menu but it had potential to be better. It was a great end to a wonderful month. We ended the night at Coronation Hall. Good Times with Good people.
For my final night in London I decided not to sleep since I had to leave at 3:00am. I went to dinner with the girls and while the rest went to Hippodrome me, Ashley, and Natalie wandered around downtown London so I could take pictures. It was amazing! I had a great night!

Saying goodbyes and see ya laters was hard. I almost made it through without crying until Ashleigh hugged me crying and I saw Courtney...I lost it! LOL after about 30sec I composed myself and I got packed up in the taxi and on to the airport.
Being home is kinda surreal. Realizing the differences and getting back into routines. It's crazy but I'm glad I went. So many stories, experiences and friends. :)