August 9, 2011

A poem I wrote at work

I wrote this while I was at my retail job at the mall. I had no customers for 3 hours and I had a realization about my summer...that I hadn't had a lot of chances to enjoy it with my husband or friends and it got me to thinking about my summers as a teenager where they were truly care-free. So this is what I came up with.

Summer Young

I remember a time,
when summers were for adventures,
imagination and best friends,
ice cream and fast food,
bike rides and barbeques.
When the beach and amusement parks were a must do,
and nothing was better than having fun and enjoying youth.
Now summer is just another season,
working and cleaning,
bills and money,
late nights and sleepy eyes.
Memories of summer young,
when fun was an necessity,
instead of out of reach.
Being older is overrated.
Doing something “just to get by”
sucking away creativity and life,
until the day you can break free and truly be happy.

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