April 22, 2010

End of the semester review: My take on Journalsim

So today is the last day of classes for me. Next week-FINALS...sn:I despise finals. As the semester closes I think I should got back to my first blog and review the courses I took this semester.

CJR 316 (Editing)- We meet in the preforming arts building (odd) and I thought I wouldn't like the prof or the class but here I am pleasantly surprised that it went better than expected. Me and prof are on pretty good terms. In fact, he helped me put together my schedule for next year when my adviser was MIA. I had some bumps along the way but as of right now I have a "B" in the class which I will admit I had to work for.

CJR 270 (News Reporting II)- I was excited to have a Black prof that wasn't teaching a African American studies class but this soon changed when I got a grasp on her teaching method or rather lack there of. I learned nothing in this class because she taught nothing in this class at least nothing I hadn't already learned in News I. She never handed our articles back in a timely manner and her feedback left much to be desired. I couldn't stand this class for that reason. She always had typed notes but never posted them online or handed them out. She never explained a story before assigning it but always manged to do so the day we were handing it in which was just a$$ backwards to me! I could have done a lot more with my hour and 15 mins spent in this class. I have no idea where I stand in this class so we'll just say a "B."

CJR 290 (Journalism History)- Now in the beginning of the semester I knew for a fact that this class would be the toughest for me just because I DON'T LIKE HISTORY! I find it very boring most of the time. I do like to learn how things work or get started but I don't like to listen to it in a blah PowerPoint presentation by a South Korean prof who sounds as if he has a mouth full every time. Nothing against him and I guess his English is decent for only being here since 2004 but man it was like an hour and 15mins of me zoning out every Tuesday and Thursday. What makes it worst is that HE KNEW HE WAS BORING! But didn't change up his lecture style to compensate. the class may have been more interested if the material was presented differently. Last semester I had a 8:30am class and it was so engaging you felt guilty if you missed it! But anyway he was a easy grader and I have another "B" to add to the report card.

CJR 364 (Article/Feature Writing)- As predicted it was my favorite class of the semester. It taught me about myself as a journalist...I'm a feature writer! I like the human interest stories something I can be creative with and paint pictures with. I loved writing for this class. The prof was awesome! He always made sure we understood the story idea before hand giving us plenty of examples and letting us be creative. It was always a class discussion and even though he gave us a lot of information I know it will aid us in the long run. He even wrote me a letter of recommendation for a scholarship and it was the most heartfelt letter I've ever read!
I do believe I will be getting an "A" in this course! :D

Overall I've learned a few things about journalism and writing from this semester: 1) AP style is way easier than MLA, APA, Chicago style, etc. 2) People REALLY don't like talking to reporters even if you are a student! 3) When looking for easy sources, friends CAN and WILL fail you by not responding even though they're on FB! 4) Organization and good questions will get you far or threaten your story.

I still will be a journalist and combine it with my photography because I like to write and photograph so why not do both! Next year will be my last but that means 2 degrees in 6 years which isn't too bad. I will be interning at the school paper, the Lanthorn :) and I will be studying abroad this summer to the UK for the month of July. There are still plenty of chances to write, photograph and experience, I plan on taking them all!

April 4, 2010


I may have blogged about this topic before but it seems to be one that revolves my life right now.

I'm sure many of us had a moment were we felt alone even though we have so many "friends" but really... most of the time we have "people" who are sometimes in our lives. Let me explain...

I have come to find that we put the label of "friend" on people just because we see them on a regular basis. Not because they came to pick you up from jail, or gave you money without expecting return; nope it's because we talk to them about classes or random trivial things that impact our lives. These are "people" not "friends"
I have come to a realization in my own personal life, I have many "people" that are in my life but only a few friends. Those I consider to be my true friends are more like family to me, they understand me and have been there for me in dark times and still love me, still do for me without question.
I consider myself to be a good friend when given the opportunity. I am there for people when they need me, to listen, aid, for anything but I don't get that from a lot of people. I've gotten forgotten, placed on the back burner, or simply dissed! I have been walked on a lot in my short 23 years and I can't seem to find a way to get up...how is it I'm so giving yet it's not reciprocated? Maybe it's as Jesus was, taken for granted, misused, abused, and left for dead. Only difference is I am human and he's the son of God.
I advise that we be cautious of who you call "friend" take time to review what they have done to earn that title.