July 28, 2011

A Poem for My Sister

This poem is dedicated to my baby sister Lorean. She's going through a rough time yesterday and it was on my heart to write this for her.

My sister and I
Baby Bear

I may not be a mother but I am your mother,
You may not have come from my womb but from as far back as I can remember I helped take care of you,
The diapers, feedings, keeping you safe,
I feel as if you’re mine,
I’m protective because I know,
I’ve been there,
done it,
I understand how you feel even if you don’t,
I know where the roads go,
So as a momma bear with her cubs I try to steer,
Help you make the right choices and bypass my mistakes,
I’m here for you,
Never be in fear that you are alone,
That no one loves you or cares,
Because I will always be there,
To hear your pain, love, joy, hate,
I will be there when you fall to help you back up,
I love you baby bear,
my sister.

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