February 20, 2012

Life Changes

So this year is becoming one of GREAT OPPORTUNITIES!
 My husband is doing more comic work which he loves and I'm starting my Artprize project! I'm so excited! God is showing me some high favor for sure. I am learning a lot about other religions and about myself. I'm learning more about why I'm doing this project too. This is about inter-faith respect. Why can't we respect and love one another when it's a basic fundamental part of all religion? That's what I want to show, commonality among religions. I'm letting God guide me and show me what He wants me to see because this was His idea I'm just a vessel.
I'm also excited to announce that me and the hubby are trying to become parents! I'm overjoyed to start this step in our lives together. I know some may tell us to wait but what I don't get is why? What is it we're missing? We want to share our love with a little version of us. I always hear how much of a blessing a child is but the same people say wait because it changes everything. But isn't that what we want? Life changes that cause us to grow and become new. To experience more. I can't do that if I'm waiting. People who wait for everything end up doing nothing. I'm not just going to say what I want I'm going to do it.

 Faith without action is nothing. I'm ready.