January 12, 2011

Another day, another dollar...

So my break wasn't really a break. I worked for a week straight after our 4 1/2 day mini vacation to Flint and Detroit. I had my bridal shower last weekend and it could have had a better turn out but hey it is what it is. with the wedding only 30 days away I'm getting a lot of questions about if everything is ready...I WISH! We still need to get all of our RSVP's our hotel reservations done, set up the rehersal dinner and get table linens and photography paid for. I wish I had everything done and all I had to do was just show up and work on my last semester of classes.
Oh yeah this is my LAST semester! EVER! I have my internship at Revue magazine which has been going well, full-time classes and still working at Vanity...and lets not forget I'm getting married! So my plate is pretty full right now. But  honestly I'm ready for this wedding to be over so that I can focus on my business and school and help out more financially here at home. Yeah my fiance doesn't mind but I do so there needs to be a change. I never want too plan a wedding on my own again! I see plenty of brides that turn to wedding planning after their wedding but not me! UGH! I'm counting down to our 5 year anniversary so we can renew our vows on a beach in Jamaica! :P
Enough about weddings....blah! I'm almost done with my Journalism degree...YAY! I hope that this will increase my chances of obtaining a job when all is said in done. But really it's up to God what comes my way and what I listen to when He tells me what to do. I'm making 2011 a new year for me all over and I'm changing a lot: no more drinking (if I can help it!), eating more at home (and healthier!), trying to be more fit and not letting things stress me out or stop me from doing what I want. There are a lot of things I leave unsaid and I want to change that because right now I'm not feeling the satisfaction that I should be and that's not a good feeling. But I can't change the past only the future and that's exactly what I intend to do!

I wrote a poem about marriage and weddings...it's kinda long so I may put it in another post tomorrow. It's been a LONG day and I have another one tomorrow so I should be heading to bed. I just noticed I hadn't blogged in a while and I think it may be more important for me to do so this semester because I don't know when I will have time to go to counseling!

Until next time...