September 5, 2010

Back to School!

So this past week was our first week of school. It was say the least. I am taking 3 classes this semester and an internship at the Lanthorn (GVSU school paper). I'm excited, overwhelmed, and anxious about the next few months. It will be a lot of planning and praying to make it through since I'm getting married in 5 months too! Busy, busy, busy and somewhere in between I have to have a social life! LOL! Well it is what it is! I asked for it and I'm getting it! But I know I can accomplish all things through God, (yeah, yeah sorry if you don't feel the same but I do!), and good planning. I already had a story due and an assignment for the paper. this week is Labor day so only half week, but still two stories due for the paper, reading assignments, etc. and our parents (moms) are meeting this weekend!

Well here's to my last senior year!

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