August 14, 2010

England: The Hangover

So I thought a follow-up on life back at home since I left the UK. Well it's been two weeks and it been an experience to get myself back together!
It took a week just to get my mind back on track. I was in a haze. Everything was foggy and jumbled and I couldn't get my thoughts together, forgetting things and still suffering from jet lag I suppose. That was another thing I had to readjust to...5 hour time change! I was tired all the time and took a lot of naps.
By week 2 I had gotten back into my daily routine work, work, work! Lol! I also got back on track on planning my wedding which is only 6 months away! I have been asked a hundred times how my trip was and I've narrowed it down to "It was interesting." Which it was but I only go into detail to those who truly want to know about my trip. There's A LOT to talk about!
I also wanted to tell you my TOP 5 THINGS ABOUT ENGLAND:
5. Public Transportation- Even though sometimes it was crowded the public trans was fun and a great addition to the trip. We got to travel all over using trains, buses, and the Underground with our travelcards.
4. Pubs- I really wnjoyed going to the local pubs with my friends and having good times!
3. Flats- I loved having a community of people who were so close and tight that it made being away from home easier than I expected! I made some life long friends :)
2. 1/2 off dinners at the Black Lion- Every Monday I got to go to the Black Lion for 1/2 off steak dinner which was AMAZING! Service wasn't always great but the food never failed me!
1. CIDER!!!- I hadn't been drinking for a while but I have been introduced to cider, beer made from apples instead of wheat, and it is sooo GOOD! Much better than regular beer! I drank it almost everyday! LOL! But seriously I was over excited when I found it here in Michigan! Lol!

Well I needed to write and I thought this would be a great subject :) Until next time!


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