July 15, 2010

Second week in the UK

So this weekend the university is doing maintenance so I'll be without internet so I decided to post now about my second week.

Well so far so good. Although my legs feel as if they're going to fall off! I'm not use to so much walking on top of field trips and buildings with so many stairs!Tuesday my class was canceled so I got to finish my book "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" (I got to see Eclipse over the past weekend!)Wednesday I got to go t Oxford and see the famous Oxford University! It's actually compiled of 38 different colleges and they don't have class but personal tutors and the student is left to their studies.
Oxford is also a major part of the Harry Potter film set. The Christ Church college is where they film the great dining hall scenes! They also use one of the libraries for the library at Hogwarts and the same building is used as the nurse's ward in the film.
Oxford also is the birthplace of Alice in Wonderland. :) Lewis Carroll aka Charles Dodgson wrote the story about the dean's daughter and many of the elements of the book are based on her family and the university. Which I thought was really cool.
The bus ride back was horrible. It took 3 hours because of traffic and a girl peed in a bag because "it was an emergency" disgusting!
Today my creative writing class gave me the chance to visit Soho which is full of people and shopping. I got to see a Sally Man exhibit in which I was to inspired to write. It kinda happened. :P
This week was kinda chill for me but I have met some great friends and it will be sad when we have to say goodbye in just two mere weeks. Tomorrow we're going out to this nightclub in Kingston called Ama-gi, they have glow paint and glow sticks and it seems pretty cool. It will probably be one of the last times we get everyone together for a night out!
Until week 3,

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