July 1, 2010

First day in the UK!

So yesterday was my first day at Kingston. I was feeling as if it was still a dream in my head; I couldn't believe I was in another country! Everyone was really nice, we got our room assignments and I met my roommates: John from New Jersey, Kristen from Michigan(she goes to my school at home too!), and Robbie from North Carolina. We have another roommate but she doesn't get here until later today, her name is Courtney. We had lunch and came back to unpack and organize our rooms. Each of us have our own bathroom and bedroom we just share a kitchen. We got to go on a non-formal tour of the town where we got to pick up groceries which was cool. I spent too much I'm sure! I'm excited to start classes tomorrow! Today is our official orientation so I'm off to do that!



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