July 12, 2010

Creative Writing

So this weekend while many of my new friends were in Scotland I was doing homework. Well for my creative writing class we had to do a poem and a short story. I'll wait to post the story but here are the poems I wrote using some writing cues she gave in class. The first one I had to write a 10 line poem where each line is a lie, the second each line had to begin "I used to___, but now___" and the third had to begin "This isn't a poem but..." So here they are enjoy! I know I am!

Liar, liar pants on fire

1. When I was six I ate three goldfish.
2. My father invented M&M’s.
3. My sister had a tail removed at birth.
4. I lived in Nova Scotia.
5. My favorite food is marshmallows with anchovies.
6. I’ve never been in love.
7. One day I cried over lost play dough.
8. I never met a person I didn’t like.
9. I was attacked by pigeons.
10. I hate writing and love math.

When I use to…

I used to cry, but now I laugh.
I used to run, but now I walk.
I used to crawl, but now I stand.
I used to think, but now I dream.

Not a poem

This isn’t a poem, but a story
of a girl not afraid to live,
to love,
to learn,
to dream,
to experience.

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