January 13, 2010

Classes-First Day back at GVSU Recap

So yesterday was my first day back to classes after a okay Christmas break. I say OK because I realized after not working for 2 weeks my dream photography job was only seasonal and I spent two weeks on crutches since I jacked my knee up doing God knows. Anyway, classes, which are all Journalism courses, seem to be going well so I figured I would recap them for you.

CJR 316- Editing
My first class of the day, my professor came in and didn't speak to us for at least 10-15 minutes. It was really awkward. But once he got to talking he seemed pretty cool. Old timer with plenty of experience in Journalism, worked for the GR Press I believe, which oddly enough he's 1 of 2 of my profs who do. He had us introduce ourselves with the normal name, year, hometown and then he wanted to know our dream job. So after each introduction he gave his own personal opinion of our choice. In the end he had us take a "test" to see where our editing skills were at. I don't think I did to good without my AP book...

CJR 270- News Reporting
Only class I have with a female professor, who's Black, which is kinda a big deal here in West Michigan especially since she's not teaching an African-American/Women's studies course. She seems like she could be bitchy and not as helpful as my last News Reporting prof who was AMAZING! We had an in-class assignment due in 30 because she wanted to see were we where with our skills. I wasn't stressed I just thought she should have stop yakking a bit earlier so I it would be a more interesting story. Feeling indifferent about this class.

CJR 290- Journalism History
This will be my most difficult class for 2 reasons. 1) I don't like history, it's not my strong suit. Which is weird since my grandma taught history/social studies for years. 2) My professor is from South Korea and has only been in the states since 2004. He's a nice guy but his English is very poor. So a combo of the two and I foresee disaster! I'm going to try and survive and get that B I'm aiming for.

CJR 364- Article "Feature" Writing
This will be my favor tie class. I am really interested in feature writing which is a big plus. Not to mention my professor isn't too bad either. It's a 6-9 but he seems like he'll keep it interesting. I will be writing my butt off in this class but I expected I would be doing a lot of that this semester. We started on a in-class assignment which is a memoir. I started writing about a childhood accident and was in the groove and had to stop! LOL! No I have to finish it but I gotta find my groove again.

Overall I know that plenty of writing will be in my future which is good. I'm hoping this semester will help me improve my multitasking abilities. I haven't had to write on a consistent deadline and I'm sure there will be plenty to go around. I just hope I don't regret it by the time April comes!

Happy writing!

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