February 9, 2010

Love vs. In Love

With V-day a mere five days away I felt it only right to write about the subject of LOVE. Now I won’t say I’m an expert but I’ve had my fair share of relationships, hook-ups, and “friends” so I know a little. I’m not here to bash love or rub it in the single peoples face. I just want to open a discussion.
When it comes to love many people don’t seem to differentiate between loving someone and being in love with someone. In my opinion, and I think many will agree, that these are two very different things. Let me elaborate.

To “love” someone:
This means that you care for someone very much and wouldn’t want to see or do anything to hurt them. You will be there for that person in their times of need, you will go out of your way for this person, you genuinely want to be a part of their life and have them be a part of yours. This is a person you keep in the know about your life goings-ons and are excited to tell them or hear about theirs. You may call or see this person on a regular basis and spend many hours in their presence. You can love friends, family, and beaus.

To be “in love” with someone:
This has all the things of loving someone but there are some major additions. Being in love is wanting to live, eat, and breathe this person everyday for the rest of eternity. You can’t see your life without this person. Now don’t confuse being afraid of being alone with afraid of losing this person, that’s not what I mean. This person is the only person you could ever hope to spend the rest of your life with. There’s no “I love you, BUT…” when it comes to this person. This is the person you will lay your life down for, the one you’d take a bullet for. This person makes you feel whole. You love EVERYTHING about this person: how they look, talk, dress, smell, smile, think, dance, sing (even if it’s bad!), and even their quirks. Being in love with someone is having your senses overtaken by this person. Every time you think, eat, breath, smell, talk, etc. that person is on your mind. You find yourself wondering what can you do or say to make this person’s day. You never want to see this person hurt or upset and if it’s your fault you make sure you fix it immediately, because when their hurt your hurt because their heart is your heart. And don’t forget they may not always be what you wanted but they’re exactly what you needed!

See how different the two really are? Like I said before they have their similarities but the differences are HUGE. So the next time you find yourself in a serious relationship or even if you’re in one now, ask yourself these questions really decide whether you love the one you’re with or are you in love with them. Hey you two may be at the same level which is great but trouble comes when one is “in love” and one just “loves” so be careful with how you handle someones heart. Because you never want to be on the other end, it’s painful.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!
~ Ly

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