April 4, 2010


I may have blogged about this topic before but it seems to be one that revolves my life right now.

I'm sure many of us had a moment were we felt alone even though we have so many "friends" but really... most of the time we have "people" who are sometimes in our lives. Let me explain...

I have come to find that we put the label of "friend" on people just because we see them on a regular basis. Not because they came to pick you up from jail, or gave you money without expecting return; nope it's because we talk to them about classes or random trivial things that impact our lives. These are "people" not "friends"
I have come to a realization in my own personal life, I have many "people" that are in my life but only a few friends. Those I consider to be my true friends are more like family to me, they understand me and have been there for me in dark times and still love me, still do for me without question.
I consider myself to be a good friend when given the opportunity. I am there for people when they need me, to listen, aid, for anything but I don't get that from a lot of people. I've gotten forgotten, placed on the back burner, or simply dissed! I have been walked on a lot in my short 23 years and I can't seem to find a way to get up...how is it I'm so giving yet it's not reciprocated? Maybe it's as Jesus was, taken for granted, misused, abused, and left for dead. Only difference is I am human and he's the son of God.
I advise that we be cautious of who you call "friend" take time to review what they have done to earn that title.

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